Akiko day


From my viewpoint, life is full of energy.  Its existence is an everlasting mystery, a curiosity, humorous, and full of optimism, as well as an intensity.   My paintings symbolize the celebration of life.  My passion lies in my subjective interpretation of life and its beauty.  Whether the things I paint are figurative or landscape, my approach is the same, to show passion for life and make it alive.  If my subjects capture the energy to give it the power to leap off the canvas, I feel my mission is accomplished.  In order to achieve my goal, I use lines to create motion in conjunction with two-dimensional forms and asymmetrical composition.  I also use color to tint the emotional energy of the scene.  These elements all flow naturally out from me onto the canvas.  The more a viewer looks at my work, the more they should get involved with the work, as much as I do as when I paint it, joyfully weaving a tapestry of life on canvas.

Artist - Paintings & prints

I lived about half my life in Japan and half in America.  I have a strong sense of the two cultures as they swirl within me.  I love the culture that I was growing up with and the culture I live in now.   My interest in cultures is people and has always been in me.  I find richness in the world around me and charm in life.  Everything that I have experienced, seen, smelled, touched and felt are all within me, pulled in with a similar force to that of a tornado pulling upon everything around it.  Then I have strong desires to release what I have gathered in, but it is released in a wild meld of cultures.  When I face the canvas, I brush on tailored colors, lines, patterns and form, spontaneously letting it flow from me to crystallize onto the canvas.  It is a special frozen moment of life, a celebration of life.

I am currently painting, a series that I call “America.”  In the series, I am seeking to express the life and dreams of people in America.




These paintings capture the life and culture of America combined with the spirit of Akiko’s native Japan.

Hokusai's energy and free spirit run throughout her canvases.