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    During my junior and senior college years I worked both summers at the New London Barn

Playhouse in New London, New Hampshire.  At that time I asked my mother to save my letters home as I did not have time to write to everyone, work and keep a diary, too.  She did. These pages are based on excerpts from the 1965 & 1966 letters.


In January I returned to California after spending Christmas holiday with my family & worked on an episode of “the Fugitive”.  In February I met the playwright William Inge and had many interviews, etc. with him and his associates regarding a role in an upcoming production of his new play that would be going into rehearsal early June in New York with tryouts in Massachusetts and Connecticut scheduled for July..I also worked on a UCLA student  film with a dear friend of mine and went on many, many, many interviews for acting jobs.  One of those interviews was for a role in a movie, “Mother Superior”. Eventually I had an appointment to meet Ida Lupino.

Friday nightMay 14

Dear Mama,

    ...........The meeting with Ida Lupino was just great. My agent was there, too and we all had a marvelous time. It was a lovely day.  After I read the first time, she and the producer, William Fry, asked me if I’d wait a few minutes and come back in to read with another girl that was coming.  So I said of course, I’d love to. So the other girl went in for a few minutes and then they asked me to come back and so I read with her but she wasn’t very good tho’ kind of cute. Anyway, as I read I could see out of the  corner of my eye that Miss Lupino was watching me and every now and again she’d look over at Mr. Fry and smile...or not. So I think I came off pretty well.  She even complimented me on the Boone Show - the one about the drug addict.  Later in the elevator going down, the other girl told me that she thought I was marvelous...which was very nice.  Then I went over to meet another man at the Goldwyn Studios about another movie but he was looking for a real sexy type.