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Short Biography of Bill Scutta

Arrived December 27, 1944  --  Most significant aspects of this -- I was the first baby that Dr. Neumiller (from Lansford) came to the hospital to deliver.  Up until then he delivered babies at home.  Most significant quote on the "blessed occasion" was the way he informed my father about my arrival:  "Well Robert, there's another little hunk in Coaldale."


St. Mary's for the first eight years (If you were a boy, you had to go outside, across the back of the school then in another door to go to the bathroom.  This bathroom was, arguably, the most disgusting place in the Valley.) The girls got to use the "cat walk," but were only outside for about 14 feet; then again, they were about 60 feet up in the air.  Three nuns taught all eight grades.  There was the first, second, and third grade room; the fourth and fifth grade room; and the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade room.  I have always contended that some of the good nuns received the call to a religious vocation after learning that they were too violent for Roller Derby.

CHS - class of '62  Was present when Cracky Melley told Ronnie Mantz that he (Ronnie) had "yellow stink" in his blood.

Villanova '66  BS Education/English

Villanova '71  MA English

Taught English at Upper Merion High School (King of Prussia) from January '67 to June 2002.

Taught courses at Immaculata College from '72-'88.

At present, I am retired and messing around with stuff like this.

Non Academic (i.e., more important) Education

Most of my early moral education came from hanging around Pete Radocha's garage on Fifth St. in Coaldale and living very close to the Lithuanian Club.


Married to Loretta for 40+ years; three kids: Jen (married to Tom Hanahan. They have two kids: Tommy and Jackie), Alison (married to John Tolmie. They have two kids also: Evan and Eden. Bill married Christina George in September of 2012. Loretta and I are retired teachers.

Have lived in King of Prussia since starting at Upper Merion; also have a place at Hauto.

Greatest Achievement

  Have never bought Low Cal or "Light" anything, especially beer.